Fast from the Past - Hershey, PA

Competition Motorcycles of Yesteryear

In June 2009, the inaugural exhibit at the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum in Hershey was replaced with a display featuring historical racing motorcycles. Fast from the Past was designed to show how these machines—and the motorcycle sport—have evolved over the past century. Nine different categories of competition were depicted, from the pioneering days of board-track racing to the highly sophisticated projectiles used for ultimate land-speed competition.

The exhibit contained 42 motorcycles from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, and Japan, plus memorabilia such as trophies and posters. The motorcycles and their lenders are listed below.

1908 Indian Twin Racer; Jerry and Ted Doering
1911 Indian Isle of Man Racer Replica; Peter Gagan
1914 Excelsior Twin; Frank Westfall
1916 Harley-Davidson K11; Jim Dennie
1919 Excelsior Overhead-Cam Replica; Peter Gagan
1923 Ace XP4 Speed Record Machine; Donald Patt
1926 Indian OHV Isle of Man Racer; Jim Smith
1926 Ace; Doug Strange
1928 Henderson Four Deluxe; Frank Westfall
1928 Excelsior Big Berth Hill Climber; Jim Dennie
1934 Crocker Speedway Racer; Carl Fronk
1937 Excelsior Manxman; Michael Casale, Jr.
1940 Indian Sport Scout Dirt Track Racer; Bob Markey
1948 Indian 648 Ernie Beckman Dirt Track Racer; Jim Smith
1948 Indian 648 Daytona Racer; Jim Smith
1950 Indian Warrior TT
1951 Velocette Factory Racer; Bar Hodgson
1952 Norton Manx; Carl Fronk
1952 Harley-Davidson WRTT Daytona Racer; Tom McKee
1953 Harley-Davidson 125 Dirt Track Racer; Hugh MacDonald
1954 BSA Gold Star Dirt Track Racer; Jim Myers
1957 Harley-Davidson Leo Payne Dragster; Katherine Daya
1962 Honda CR77; Brian Keating
1966 Ducati 250 Desmo; Michael Casale, Jr.
1966 Lambretta Li125 Scooter; Roland Henry
1966 Triumph Bonneville TT Special; Jim Myers
1967 BSA West Coast Hornet; Bud Kubena
1968 Harley-Davidson KR Dirt Track Racer; Carl Fronk
1969 Sachs K100GS; Mike Gallagher
1971 Penton 125 Six-Day; Mike Gallagher
1972 Montesa Cota; David Russell
1972 OSSA Mick Andrews Replica; David Russell
1972 Harley-Davidson XR750; Jim Oldiges
1973 Honda Elsinore; Michael Casale, Jr.
1973 Yankee Z; Bob Fornwalt
1974 Yamaha TZ250; Nicole Loughry
1974 Maico 501; Dave Russell
1974 Suzuki 400 Cyclone; Tom McKee
1976 Rokon MX; Hugh MacDonald
1978 Honda XR75; Chase Loughry
1978 Harley-Davidson MX250; Tom McKee
J&P Cycles Express Bonneville Streamliner; John Parham


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Photos from exhibit

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