Award for Excellence

Excellence award trophyThe Award for Excellence was created by the Antique Motorcycle Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors in March 2011, with procedures and criteria approved on September 2, 2011.

Criteria: The award is to be presented to organizations or individuals who, in the opinion of the AMF Board of Directors, have demonstrated exceptional performance in telling the positive story of antique motorcycle collection, preservation, and its related history to the public at large, through word or deed.

Nomination Process: Nominations may be made by any individual with an interest in antique motorcycling using the form below (Adobe Acrobat required to view/print/save).

Selection Process: The President of the AMF shall appoint three individuals, at least one of whom shall not be a member of the AMF Board of Directors, to review nominations on a timely basis, and deliver recommendations for approval to the AMF Board of Directors. The AMF Board shall review these recommendations on a timely basis and approve recipients of the award by majority vote of the AMF Board. All deliberations of the Nominating Committee and the Board of Directors, include the count of votes taken, shall remain confidential. While members of the Nominating Committee and the AMF Board of Directors may submit nominations, they must abstain from any voting leading to a final decision regarding said nomination.

Frequency: The Award may be bestowed by the AMF Board of Directors at any time.

Presentation: The President of the AMF shall approve times and places for presentations of the Award. Subsequent to any presentation, an announcement and appropriate publicity shall be posted on the AMF web site.

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