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Old motorcycleThe Antique Motorcycle Foundation has two different avenues for motorcycle donations: donate an exquisite bike for our museum loan program or donate a bike to raise funds1 for the organization. We will work with you to determine if we can accept you donation based on your wishes.

Because we are a charitable organization recognized by the IRS, donations of vehicles are tax deductible for nearly all individuals and some businesses. If you would like to donate your bike to the Antique Motorcycle Foundation, help the organization that is helping you, and take your reward through a tax deduction, send us an e-mail at Please be sure to include the make and model of motorcycle(s) you may wish to donate. Please include your phone number. Photographs will also be helpful.

1Motorcycles may be sold to raise funds for the Antique Motorcycle Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization. Motorcycles can be accepted for sale at the sole discretion of the Antique Motorcycle Foundation, depending on location, existence of a clear title, condition, and other factors. Museum-quality motorcycles will be considered for incorporation into our permanent collection for museum loans or for display at Motorcyclepedia Museum.


Donation Guidelines (PDF)

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