Mission, Vision & Goals of the Foundation


Man working on old bikeTo immerse the public, the media and the industry into the captivating world of vintage motorcycles and to establish appreciation, inspire active engagement, and promote support of the AMF and of the vintage motorcycle community.


To cultivate passion for vintage motorcycles, facilitate advocacy for vintage motorcycling and create vintage motorcycling enthusiasts among new audiences and a new generation of riders.


  • Passionate about the machines, the culture and the importance of vintage motorcycle preservation
  • Eager to help others discover their own emotional connection with vintage motorcycling 
  • Inventive in how we bring a compelling vintage motorcycling story to new audiences
  • Youthful in our energy, attitude and approach (and ultimately, in our demographic)
  • Confident about the future and our ability to secure it


  • Be the premier and impartial advocate for the organizations and businesses that support the vintage motorcycle community
  • Secure and assure the financial and in-kind resources needed to support and sustain the mission, vision, initiatives and activities of the Antique Motorcycle Foundation 
  • Leverage public exhibits to tell the AMF story boldly and with contextual relevance 
  • Engage and enlighten the public about the significant and stimulating role motorcycling has played in culture throughout modern history
  • Grow enthusiasm and passion among multi-generational audiences to assure the ongoing engagement in and enduring commitment to the world of vintage motorcycles and motorcycling 
  • Promote evangelism among enthusiasts in the interest of attracting new blood to the vintage motorcycle community

Museum Exhibits

Museum exhibits are one of the primary vehicles in which the AMF realizes its mission. The foundation documents its exhibits on the web site for those who are not able to see the exhibit in person.

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