The Winners' Circle Concourse

AMCA Winners circle logoIn September 2013, the Antique Motorcycle Foundation unveiled its new exhibit titled “The Winners Circle Concourse” at the Motorcyclepedia Museum in Newburgh, New York. The exhibit is designed specifically to focus on the Antique Motorcycle Club of America’s national judging system, with a special emphasis on the bikes which have received their highest and most esteemed level of award, “the AMCA Winners Circle.” The goal is to display some of the “best of the best” of antique motorcycles located in America. Achieving the Winners' Circle award is no easy task, as bikes have to go through multiple, rigorous judging sessions by several teams of experts, and must achieve a score of 95 or more points at three separate national meets to qualify for this prestigious honor.

This 5-year, rotating exhibit displays approximately three to four dozen motorcycles at any given time, and includes multiple makes, models, and years manufactured in the USA, Europe, Asia, and around the world. Be sure to visit Motorcyclepedia on a regular basis to see the different makes and models rotate into the exhibit. Below are some snapshots from the exhibit at different points in time.



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The Motorcyclepedia museum features over 450 motorcycles along with photographs, posters, memorabilia, machinery, and other things related to motorcycles.

The museum has several exhibits including The Indian Timeline, Chopper City, The Circa Timeline, Fast from the Past, Harley-Davidsons, the Wall of Death, and the Antique Motorcycle Foundation's Gallery. The AMF gallery currently has the AMCA Winners' Circle exhibit on display.

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