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As an educational non-profit organization, the Antique Motorcycle Foundation, Inc. relies entirely on the generosity of individuals, clubs, and corporations in the antique and vintage motorcycle community. The foundation has been very busy putting your donations to work by developing several avenues for fulfilling our mission. Some of our efforts are outlined here:

We believe that museum exhibitions are a great way to expose the public at large to the fun and fascination of antique motorcycling. To achieve this, we plan and fund exhibits in leading museums. These have included our Fast From the Past exhibits in Hershey, our Kaizen exhibit currently showing at Motorcyclepedia, and our upcoming Winners Circle exhibit that will display the best of the best among bikes owned by AMCA members at our permanent Motorcyclepedia exhibit gallery.

To advance the knowledge required to restore and preserve fine collectible motorcycles, we have also launched and funded an educational grant program administered by the AMCA. Any AMCA member is eligible and encouraged to seek support for training that will improve his or her knowledge and skills in the art of restoration and preservation.

Finally, we have also developed and funded leadership conferences that explore and promote best practices for membership growth and efficient management for mid-size clubs and organizations which promote vintage and antique motorcycles.

The Antique Motorcycle Foundation embraces all brands of motorcycles 35 years and older. Please help us continue the momentum and click or tap on the blue donate button at the bottom ↓ of the screen. Donations of any amount come with benefits and you can even designate how your donation is spent.


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