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Aug 18, 2023

The AMF Goes to Kansas

The Antique Motorcycle Foundation is committed to promoting the vintage motorcycle community in numerous valuable ways. The AMF maintains a large digital library of valuable and historic motorcycle information, gives educational grants to students who are in fields which advance the historic and vintage motorcycle community, and holds educational seminars related to the motorcycle and its history. The AMF also supports museum exhibitions and has recently moved some historic motorcycles from the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa to the Kansas Motorcycle Museum located in Marquette, Kansas.

The Kansas Motorcycle Museum displays over 150 vintage motorcycles of which 25 are over 100 years old. AMF sent a 1915 Henderson four, a 1949 Harley-Davidson WL, a 1964 Harley-Davidson XLCH, and a unique 1969 Yamaha Pink Lady. Museum Director Dixon Johnson notes that the entire town supports the museum and the roots to its success go deep within the community. Stan Engdhal, a local racer, donated the property to the town for the museum. He had hundreds of motorcycle-loving friends who have been long term supporters. Mr. Dixon reports that the museum is listed on numerous Kansas tourism sites and is visited by thousands of visitors from all over the world. Marquette is around 20 miles south of Salina, Kansas on highway 81(same as 1-35) at the juncture of Interstate 70 and Salina. Interstate 70 is a major east west artery going through the central part of the US. During the summer, thousands of motorcyclists travel 1-70 as they tour the country east or west and the Kansas Museum is a popular stopping place. If you are ever traveling through Kansas on 1-70 just go south on Hwy 81 at Salina, Kansas and the signs will clearly direct you to Marquette.

The AMF is pleased to partner with the Kansas Motorcycle Museum in supporting the vintage motorcycle community.